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What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

I have been telling stories as long as I can remember.   From make-believe worlds as a kid to the articles and scripts in my working life to the screenplays I wrote as a restless adult.  Through it, I discovered stories are a powerful thing.  Stories are how we make...

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How I Got Here:  The Work You Can’t Not Do

How I Got Here: The Work You Can’t Not Do

So how did I get here, and what is in it for you?  After being laid off as a media executive for the second time in a couple of years in a media industry still searching for itself, I seriously started to think about what else was out there. What was I good at? What...

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How I Got Here:  My Lollipop Moment

How I Got Here: My Lollipop Moment

I’m not looking to talk myself out of an engagement, but I found this Ted Talk to be incredibly simple and incredibly powerful. It’s by Drew Dudley, himself an Executive Coach, and it’s about the idea that we all can be leaders – that we have somehow made leadership...

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