I have been telling stories as long as I can remember.   From make-believe worlds as a kid to the articles and scripts in my working life to the screenplays I wrote as a restless adult.  Through it, I discovered stories are a powerful thing.  Stories are how we make order out of chaos – how we explain things to ourselves that otherwise don’t make sense.   We all tell stories.

We also all have a story to tell.  I have been blessed to have spent my working life telling the story of others as a journalist and media executive.   

As the business changed and I moved up, I learned the power of brands and how important their story is and how you tell it.

Finally – when I became a boss – I learned just how important it is to find and learn the story of each member of your team for it is only in knowing their stories that you can put each of them – and your team – in the best position to succeed.

Without a powerful cohesive story, it’s hard to breakthrough.  If you don’t craft and tell your own story – others will craft it for you.

Helping people, teams and brands find their story, craft their story and tell their story is a central theme of everything I do.

As a Coach, by asking the right questions, I help executives and teams find their own story and move from good to great.

As an Educator, I help give students, teams, and executives the tools they need and the confidence to build their success one story at a time.

As a Storyteller, I help them use all of the communication tools at their disposal to craft their story and tell it to the world.

Whether you are a seasoned executive or just starting out, an established company or university looking for a fresh set of eyes, or a start-up looking for its north star – knowing your story – owning your story – has never been more important.   Let me take my years of storytelling experience and help you get from here to there – to find the success that’s just over the horizon.

So, what’s your story?